Your single! And you like it? Bollox

I didn’t have a plan for a first post, however, out of all the things I’ve contemplated to kick start this blog of mine, venting my frustration on the attitudes of those around me to my relationship status (or lack there of) wasn’t even on the list. But alas, here we are.

Where to start?
How about with those favourite of lines “just wait until you find mr/mrs right ” or, “don’t worry, you’ll find the right person one day”. This usually comes after I’ve just stated I’m happy with my single status, honestly, you’d think they weren’t listening.
Quite literally my last response to one of those lines was “not everybody’s life aspirations includes getting married and having fucking kids”, to which they appeared suitably cowed. That particular person was a repeat offender, and frankly I’d just had it.
I like solitude, actually no, I need solitude, otherwise I just can’t deal with people effectively.
I am not you, just because you prefer the company of another, doesn’t mean I do or should. Just because you can’t handle being alone, doesn’t mean I can’t either.
It might not be your choice, that doesn’t make it wrong, seriously, get over yourselves.

I shall return to this subject when I’m feeling more reflective.


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